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Image of teacher working with childSpeech and language services are offered at Verda Dierzen
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  Appropriate speech and language skills not only build a good foundation for students to be successful as they begin their journey in education, they also are essential for students to be able to understand and communicate concepts throughout their school career.

The following are some of the areas of speech and language that may be worked on by the speech and language therapist if you child qualifies for services:

Receptive language: understanding vocabulary, concept words (ex. top/bottom, more/less, same/ different, etc.), questions

Expressive language: speaking, using age appropriate vocabulary, grammar, and word order in sentences, being able to express thoughts and ideas clearly and concisely

Auditory processing skills: listening, focusing and attending to a task, following directions, memory, hearing the differences between sounds

Articulation: using your oral motor skills to pronounce sounds correctly

Voice: using appropriate pitch, volume and quality of voice

Fluency: using appropriate flow and rhythm of speech (stuttering)

Pragmatic skills: using appropriate social language skills, such as greetings, staying on topic, taking turns in conversation, etc. 

If you think that your student may be having difficulty in any of the above areas you may contact the school at 815-338-8883.  The speech and language therapist can explain the procedures which may lead up to meeting with the therapist and the team of educators currently working with your child to discuss a possible evaluation to determine if your student would qualify for speech and language services in the areas of concern.

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